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For the first time in secular establishment

Treasures of church libraries from Gomel and Turov eparchies on show at unique exhibition in Gomel

The exhibition at Gomel’s Museum of Autographs features Bibles and Testaments published at various times and in various countries. Also on show are works by John Chrysostom, Yefrem Sirin and St. Dmitry Rostovsky. The editions are both religious treasures and objects of interest to historians, literary critics, publishers and teachers.

Among the rare books is a limited edition Bible illustrated by famous French artist Gustave Dore — published in 1876 by Maurycy Wolff. It contains not just reproductions with illustrations but original engravings, and is considered to be one of the best in its translation and decoration. It’s a true bibliographic rarity.

On the day of the exhibition’s opening, a unique New Testament and Psaltyr edition was presented — published in 1737 in the Kiev-Pechora Lavra, at the order of Russian Empress Anna Ioannovna. It was a gift to her attendants and contains unique engravings depicting the Apostles; its gilden case and clasps remain in perfect condition.
This is the first such exhibition of its kind to be showcased at a secular establishment.

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