Football begins in spring

22nd Belarusian Football Championship launched

The first stage has already brought a sensation, with the country’s champion — BATE Borisov (representing the Republic in recent years at Europe’s top club tournament) — being defeated by Minsk — 0:1. In the 76th minute, Andrey Razin ‘punished’ Borisov players for a penalty which failed to be realised by Renan Bressan at the end of the first half.

The meeting in Gomel could have been a real thriller but poor weather and spring lawn (whose quality left much to be desired) held the teams back from showing their full potential.

The first goal of the championship was scored by Brest’s Alexander Matyukhevich, at Lokomotiv Stadium in Zhlobin, in the 4th minute against Bobruisk Belshina.

The championship usually boasts 12 teams but only 11 are taking par this season; financial problems have led to Minsk’s Partizan dropping out of the Premier League. However, the formula of the championship remains unchanged: teams will enjoy a three round tournament. The team in last place won’t leave the Premier League but will play transitional matches with the second squad from the First League, while the winner will go through immediately to the elite division. The final 33rd round is scheduled for November 25th.

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