Following Dali

Or several lines on exhibition in Contemporary art Museum
Salvador Dali’s works are congenial to radically thinking people. It is also clear why mostly young people are interested in his performance. Dali was daring and aggressive like a youngster and used to spend his energy generously. Modern young artists of Belarus, Holland and Italy cannot bypass Dali in their creative development. Salvador alarms them…

Dali used to say: “My personality in art is much more interesting than my works.” And some of our young painters have armed themselves with these ambitious words and arranged a body art and installation performance at Minsk Museum of Contemporary art. It was easy to understand: the painters exhibited themselves instead of pictures or sculptures and stood self-covered with colors or clothes. Naturally, it was a one-time exhibition. Fedor Yastreb, curator of the project, told me: “It’s one-time like everything in our life.” — Well, this can be true.
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