Folk art creativity draws on diverse mythological themes

National History Museum hosts From Wood, Clay and Metal exhibition of decorative and applied arts

By Marat Gorevoi

The exhibition, organised by the Belarusian Union of Folk Craft Masters with support from the Culture Ministry, is displaying around 80 works by Minskers Andrey Metelsky (ceramic items) and Alexander Pavlov (embossing and wood carving) and Lida resident Gennady Savon (metal casting).

Doctor of Art History, Prof. Yevgeny Sakhuto, notes that the artworks are united by their use of traditional materials, inspired by our rich heritage of folk crafts and high mastery. He tells us that Mr. Metelsky’s ceramics, created using smoking and wax finishing techniques, draw on our mythology, as well as history and way of life. The artist has taken part in numerous contests and exhibitions and has been awarded for his high mastery and personal contribution to the revival and development of pottery traditions.

Mr. Pavlov primarily explores the theme of religion and is inspired by military-historical plots, showing our past way of life. He is one of the few painters to use sophisticated portrait embossing, depicting Belarusian historical figures with almost photographic accuracy. The master has won many prizes at national craft festivals and competitions.
Blacksmith Savon’s works are also attractive and he has taken part in various national contests.

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