Flying robots

Belarusian pilotless aircraft soon to be exported

By Victoria Kamendova

Pilotless planes — designed by our Belarusian scientists — are arousing much interest abroad, with talks underway regarding their export. Deliveries are to begin as soon as batch production is launched by the National Academy of Sciences’ Physical-Technical Institute.

“A fully-fledged aviation complex — featuring pilotless aircraft, a ground control point and a communication channel — has been set up in Belarus for the first time. This is not a simple model with a joystick, managed from the land, but a smart device ready to fulfil the most serious tasks,” explains Yuri Yatsyna, who heads the laboratory for modelling complicated systems at the National Academy of Sciences’ Physical-Technical Institute.

Pilotless planes are in great demand by various branches, but especially those engaged in monitoring and controlling our borders, forests and roads. The craft’s high definition camera can record the number plates of cars violating road traffic rules, while tracking unlicensed hunters in forests and reserves and recording unauthorised crossings at the border. This is also of great help to the Emergency Ministry, as the craft is able to fly over places affected by extraordinary conditions; these air ‘patrols’ can then inform of changes to a situation, enabling rescuers to react in good time.

No doubt, pilotless planes will contribute greatly to science, being given various tasks — including weather observation and the compiling of topographic maps. The multi-functionality of Belarusian pilotless aircraft and their high energy efficiency makes them extremely useful. Super-light, medium and large classes are planned, with the smallest weighing just over 2kg. Able to be launched by hand, this ‘baby-plane’ can travel at 60km/h for up to 40 minutes, landing by parachute to have its battery recharged.

Belarusian pilotless planes will change the face of our air space; no doubt, these ‘flying assistants’ have a bright future ahead of them, aiding so many spheres of our lives.

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