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New questions to aluminum and nickel are posed by scientists

New questions to aluminum and nickel are posed by scientists

Medical fact: under certain severe diseases, especially neurodegenerative (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and others), an overabundance of aluminum in the body is glaring. And although doctors because of a lack of information so far refrained from having to take these potentially toxic metals cause of disease, yet their presence is suggestive. At least partially erase the «white spot» so that at physicians will have the opportunity to work purposefully on new biomedical diagnostics tools, scientists from the Laboratory of Medical Biophysics, Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, and colleagues from the Department of Molecular, Cellular Biology at the University of Camerino (Italy) undertake. The very first version that they put forward and tested as part of the project, supported by the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research, was correct.

– When we carried out research under the direction of the head of the Laboratory of Medical Biophysics Doctor of Biological Sciences, corresponding member Catherine Slobozhanina, we made sure that the aluminum or nickel ions affect the morphology and structural and functional state blood cell membranes – red blood cells and human lymphocytes, thereby disrupting their work, – Deputy Director for Research of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, candidate of biological sciences Lyudmila Lukyanenko said. – When the collaboration with Italian scientists have discovered and studied the damaging effects of aluminum and nickel on DNA. What specific health effects all that can have – will be examined within the framework of the new project. But today it can be argued that the identified damages should lead to the development of serious pathology. The results of our work we presented in the international press, in the collective monograph «Bioelements status of the population of Belarus: environmental, physiological and pathological aspects», and presented in the form of papers in international conferences.

But why do these metals have attracted the attention of scientists? Because with them, as well as iron and copper, whose impact on the human body is better studied, we all most often are contacted. Indeed, despite the fact that have already proved that aluminum and nickel are not «white and fluffy», despite the fact that the nickel included the World Health Organization in the black list of elements that cause cancer, these metals are not fewer in our environment.

Very often we meet with aluminum. As before, processed cheese and curds are packed in aluminum foil. As previously aluminum cookware widely used (with heating, particularly in acidic medium, the metal ions pass into the food in several times more intense). Aluminum powder was used as pigments and dyes, fuel additives, and aluminum – in the production, for example, refractory ceramics, insulation materials, catalysts. Aluminum hydroxide is used in the production of pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

Aluminum compounds are part of preservatives, fillers, disintegrates, emulsifiers, powder for baking, which used in the food industry. Furthermore, baby food based on soya beans may also contain aluminum.

By the way, the significant fact: recent research of scientists from the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education revealed increased (compared to Russian children) aluminum content in the hair of children of Belarus. Above normal was observed in 56 % of children and adolescents.

As for nickel, and it meets at every step. Shiny door handles, tableware, jewelry, buckles, clothing, home appliances parts – all there are nickel-plated items.

And yet here is not superfluous to say that scientists having attended to the problem of aluminum and nickel, does not set out to banish these metals out of our lives. At low concentrations, they are essential. In animals and plants they are embedded in certain enzymes and proteins that without these metals will not be able to operate. Aluminum plays a very important role in the formation and regeneration of bone and tissue, and nickel – in the work of pancreas.

In short, as someone was once said, everything is a poison, and all is a cure, and deal is only in a dose. And more in control, which is impossible without accurate scientific information about the processes occurring in a living cell.

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