Flowers of the world are blossoming

Flowers of the world are blossoming: from flower festival in London to lilac exhibition in Minsk

From flower festival in London to lilac exhibition in Minsk
Each country has its own blossoming symbol of spring. The UK has the Chelsea Flower Show: the most prestigious and popular in the world. Every year, Queen Elizabeth II is the first to attend. As the British say, spring hasn’t arrived until Chelsea opens. Meanwhile, the Dutch are proud of their parade of flower sculptures, in the city of Zundert: the largest such worldwide. 

Blossom week at Minsk’s Botanical Garden

For Belarus, spring is associated with lilacs blooming, filling the air with their incomparable aroma. Lilac Week recently began at the Central Botanical Garden (of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus) marking the 70th anniversary of Victory. Of course, lilacs are one of the symbols of the Great Victory, since Soviet soldier-liberators were welcomed with lilac blossoms in May 1945. 

Over 200 varieties of lilac grow in the Botanical Garden’s lilac nursery: 16 of Belarusian selection. Many are recognised as national treasures, revered by collectors all over the world. The collection boasts varieties named in honour of the war: ‘Great Victory’, ‘Captain Gastello’, ‘Partizanka’ and ‘To Brest Defenders’. During Lilac Week, visitors have the chance to see a great diversity of species and can also chat to gardening experts, receiving advice on their own plant cultivation. Natalia Makedonskaya, a candidate of agricultural sciences, is the curator of the lilac collection and is always happy to share her expertise.

The traditional Cornflower Crown Championship of Professional Floristry took place in May, this year marking the International Day of Families and International Children’s Day. Its main theme was happiness, with three nominations for entries: ‘Window of Happiness’, ‘Wreath of Happiness’ and ‘Bouquet of Happiness’. The event is always inspiring, providing plenty of ideas for your own home arrangements.

By Natalia Tyshkevich
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