Flowers bloom in succession

Japanese camellia blooms at National Academy of Sciences’ Central Botanical Garden greenhouse

By Oksana Petrovskaya

Camellias grow primarily in damp evergreen and deciduous forests throughout Japan and China, and blossom for 3-4 months at a time, with buds opening in succession. The plant is a major attraction in greenhouses around the world, since it blooms when most plants are dormant.

Japanese camellias are accompanied by orchids and Bird of Paradise plants at the Central Botanical Garden, alongside pomegranates and lemons. You can even find the rare citrus plant Buddha’s Hand Citron, the leaves of which resemble fingers; its fruit is like an orange. The garden’s lemon greenhouse boasts over 20 varieties of lemon, mandarin and orange, bringing true delight to those wishing to experience the tropical, exotic beauty of remote climes.

The Central Botanical Garden in Minsk is one of the largest in Europe, occupying 153 hectares, with over 9,000 varieties of plants in its collection, from various climatic zones.

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