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Flight of Golden Bee in land of childhood

13th International Children’s Art Festival, held in Mogilev, gathers over 600 children from 12 countries
By Lyudmila Frolova

When the streets of the small town of Klimovichi become crowded with girls and boys speaking different languages, and the central park turns into a huge trade fair, the Golden Bee festival of young musicians, artists and craftsmen must be underway. Held for the thirteenth time, this prestigious competition began as a regional concert for young singers and dancers. Now, it’s an international event gathering representatives from 20 countries.

“While most towns mark the years from one New Year to another, we count our ‘Bee’ festivals,” smiles Klimovichi District Executive Committee Chairman Vasily Zakharenko. “We’re already planning next year’s event.”

The festival’s logo features a lyre, a Golden Bee and ‘cells’, in which are written the names of country-participants. It even takes the form of a sculpture in town, drawing those seeking a souvenir photo. Most guests remark on the wonderful hospitality they enjoy in the Dnieper River area, which boasts a great many attractive towns and villages, as well as clubs to encourage children’s creativity.

“We’re attending the festival for the first time and are happy to have the opportunity to find out more about your culture, while showing ours,” noted the head of Daryn choir, from Kazakhstan, Altyn Zhumatina. The girls from Ukrainian Wreath were clear about their goal: winning a prize. However, competition was great, and standards extremely high. The eventual Grand Prix winners were folk singer Yegor Sharankov, from Svetlogorsk’s Lira Studio, Vilnius’ Mini Jazz group, Moldova’s Busuioc Moldovenesc group, from the town of Sоngerei, and Nizhny Novgorod’s Rocket group. Dozens received diplomas of the first, second and third degree while others took home special awards.
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