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Fixed scanner for transport opens in Bruzgi

A fixed inspection scanner has opened at Bruzgi-2 border checkpoint
A fixed inspection scanner has opened at Bruzgi-2 border checkpoint, allowing triple the volume of traffic to be processed daily (in comparison with the previous mobile ‘Rapiscan’ complex) while generating more accurate scans at lower cost.

The novelty makes it possible to see cargo without opening a vehicle, via x-ray. The procedure takes 15 minutes and is already helping to detect items being transported in violation of customs legislation.

Non-intrusive inspection reduces the time necessary to pass through a checkpoint, raising traffic flow and capacity. So far, 24 specialists have been trained in operating the new equipment, which is the work of a joint Poland-Belarus-Ukraine trans-border co-operation programme. Its financing has been provided by the EU (2.45 million Euros) and the Republican budget (270,000 Euros).

The improved control system is soon to be introduced at other border checkpoints of the Republic. 
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