First Time in First Class

A new diesel train completed its first travel from Gomel to Minsk. Our reporter was on board during the travel
It takes around 4 and a half hour for the new train to reach its destination. The diesel train is compiled of six cars: first, second, and third class cars evenly divided. Prices for the tickets are expected to equal the prices for tickets for general service cars, open-plan cars, and compartment cars. For example, a third class car ticket costs some 8,000 rubbles, while travelling conditions are promised to be more comfortable than those in common cars. The first class cars are fitted with LCD TV sets and audio systems. Putting on a headset, passengers use the console in the arm of the chair to choose what to do — watch a movie or listen to music. There is a bar with various beverages.

The Belarusian Railways’ order to make the train was fulfilled by Riga Carriage Plant. One of the reasons behind the decision was the fact that since the Soviet times almost one hundred Latvian diesel trains have been used in Belarus, with corresponding repairing methods already mastered.

Indeed, in their time Latvia built cars for the entire Soviet Union while logo RVR was known in the entire breadth of the country — from the Sea of Okhotsk to the Baltic Sea. However, in the 1990s the company became more specialised in repairs. According to the company representatives, the diesel train made for Belarus was the first one made since the USSR collapse. Company representative Anatoliy Sazanovich, who escorted the train, said, to fulfil the order, the company had to enlarge the personnel by 10%.

The train now owned by Gomel railwaymen is expected to be the first one in the number of future similar trains Belarus will buy. Within the next few days representatives of the Belarusian Railways are likely to go to Riga to commission another such train, which is not likely to be the last one…

Andrei Novikov
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