First competition at unique sports complex

Anna Guskova of Belarus and Mischa Gasser of Switzerland win Belarus’ Open Aerial Skiing Water-Ramp Championships

Anna Guskova of Belarus and Mischa Gasser of Switzerland win Belarus’ Open Aerial Skiing Water-Ramp Championships

Silver medallist A. Orlova, winner A. Guskova and bronze medallist T. Babich

Four aerial experts took part in the super-finals of the women’s competition in the new Freestyle Sports and Recreation Complex. Anna Guskova was the last in the quartet to perform her jump in the final stage and earned a high score from the judges of 85.40 securing first place. Russian Anna Orlova came second gaining 75.52 points in the final stage, followed by another representative of the Russian Federation — Tatiana Babich. Belarusian Alexandra Romanovskaya was placed fourth with 62.39 points.

The Belarusian men were left without medals in their part of the competition. The Swiss Mischa Gasser gave his opponents no opportunities to beat him, earning 131.81 points after performing a jump with a difficulty of 4.9. Russian Piotr Medunich claimed silver (boasting 130.00 points), followed by Dimitri Isler of Switzerland (125.44 points). Meanwhile, two Belarusians took part in the super-finals: Denis Osipov came fourth (with 120.81 points) while Maxim Gustik was placed fifth (earning 105.43 points).

Belarusian aerial Denis Osipov

Nikolay Kozeko, head coach of the Belarusian national freestyle team, commented on his team’s performance. “I’m very pleased that Anna has managed to defeat some serious rivals. As far as the men are concerned, three athletes who were prize winners at the event performed a triple somersault with five turns in the Freestyle. This is a very complex programme, so the Swiss and Russians deserved their medals. We’ll continue working on it.”

Belarus’ Open Aerial Skiing Water-Ramp Championships featured 38 athletes from five countries. The organisers of the tournament gave prize of $3,000 to the winners, $2,000 for the silver medallists and $1,000 for those coming third. Before the awards ceremony, a solemn moment was held in the memory of outstanding Belarusian aerials who have already finished their sporting career, the 2010 Olympic champion in Vancouver, Alexey Grishin, and double prizewinner of the Winter Olympics in 1998 and 2006, Dmitry Dashchinsky.

By Igor Leshin
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