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Belarusians in Turkey to be able to assert their rights and interests on equal basis with Turkish residents

By Roman Anikeyev

Belarusians in Turkey will soon enjoy the same level of court and legal protection of their rights and interests as native citizens. An agreement on legal assistance regarding civil, economic and criminal cases was recently signed during a visit by the Belarusian Justice Minister, Oleg Slizhevsky, to Turkey.

Moreover, the document envisages mutual recognition and enforcement of judgments. This will help the law enforcement bodies of Belarus and Turkey decide how to conduct legal searches, expert analysis, tracing and the arrest of property.
“Taking into account the number of Belarusians visiting this country, the agreement is of exceptional value,” the Justice Ministry stresses.

During the visit, Mr. Slizhevsky met top executives from the Justice Ministry and Turkish Council of State, as well as from the appellate and constitutional courts of Turkey, discussing possible joint projects to improve inter-state collaboration in the legal sphere. This should positively influence economic relations and the fulfilment of investment activity.

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