First among Equals

Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) received status of base institution of higher technical education in the CIS
Good news from Moscow! A Belarusian university has for the first time ever been recognized the best higher educational establishment of its class in the CIS. Students are discussing the news in the university: BNTU was an institute, then an academy and now it is a university.

— Polytechnic Institute gave birth to all technical educational establishments of the country, many research institutes, associations and companies, says the rector of BNTU, Boris Khrustalev. — There is hardly a company in Belarus without a graduate of the university. BNTU has established a coordinating council of technical higher educational establishments. Owing to the support of the president and the government the university managed to prevent shortages of personnel. The economy of the country is on the rise, companies are working efficiently, and any commodity exported from Belarus has a share of BNTU. What was the first thing I did after I received this good news from the Executive Committee of the CIS? I congratulated all students and professors. This is a great achievement.

BNTU has always been among the first universities to respond to the needs and requirements of science and industry. BNTU graduates are always in demand at all Belarusian companies. Besides, the university itself creates jobs for its graduates. The scientific and technical park of the university “Metolit” has 300 jobs!

What is the future of the base technical university after the recognition of BNTU’s progress? The university believes the CIS should be tackling educational issues together given joint efforts to build the common educational space. There should be common principles of drafting curricula, preparing textbooks, reference books and monographs. CIS’ diplomas should be recognized all over the Commonwealth.
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