Fir trees made of lace, beads, strobili and feathers

Around 70 unique works on show at Brest Regional Local History Museum’s New Year exhibition of snowy fairy tale fir trees
By Svetlana Vechorko

The New Year fir trees have been created with great creativity and originality, being made from lace, beads, strobili, feathers, sweets, orange peel, plastic bottle caps, clay, woven fabrics and cotton. Students from the local university have even made a vytinanka-tree and a wooden fir tree, decorated with national symbols.

Around 30 people from the regional centre and the Brest District accepted the museum’s invitation to create the best New Year fir tree and mask. The youngest were aged just six, with children being invited from the Supplementary Education Centre, secondary and Sunday schools, as well as from the Territorial Centre of Public Social Services. The exhibition is the third of its kind, with the number of participants growing annually. 

The jury comprised museum curators, local forestry and tourist agency workers, and members of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Committee and the Regional Executive Committee. First place went to a fir tree made of glazed rolls, made by Brest’s Inessa Finsler. A 5.5kg chocolate fir tree took second place, while a collective student work made from shell-shaped pasta took bronze.

The exhibition will be open until January 20th, with votes welcomed for the People’s Choice Award.
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