Finding truths via realistic artworks

Minsk’s Arts Palace hosts exhibition, entitled Our Modernity and organised by Belarusian Union of Artists’ Tradition section
The Tradition section, uniting famous Belarusian painters, was established five years ago at the Belarusian Union of Artists. Vladimir Urodnich, the Chairman of the Tradition section, tells us, “By reflecting the plein-air approach in the picturesque manner and direct attitude towards contemporary rhythm of the surrounding world, the painters try to preserve peculiar features of the romance which was seen on the canvases of the artists of the ‘severe style’. They try to join the current trend of art process in their own way. However, the major peculiarity of the Tradition section’s painters is that all are united in demonstrating affinity for the land in which they were born, showing not only professional mastery but artistic truth. Each operates under the theme of ‘My dear homeland’…”

Exhibition of the Belarusian Union of Artists’ Tradition section draws crowds

These artists would like their voices are melodious, warm and good-natured. Moreover, being contemporaries, they bring today’s difficult reality to their works. Mr. Urodnich notes, “The continuous process of seeking out spirituality requires a particular position and choice from each of us. We have the duty of responsibility. Frantsisk Skorina said: ‘What has been written remains’. Painters in our Tradition section have an attitude of responsibility regarding the legacy they wish to leave.”

We can step into history in different ways. Live, genuine and hearty rhythmics of the displayed works in combination with extraordinary thinking of their authors open up an interesting panorama of the exposition. It becomes apparent that the creative process unites painters of the Tradition section.

Naturally, the artists hope that the exhibition will promote interest in realistic painting, which they have chosen so carefully, among both their colleagues and visitors to the exposition. Globalisation tends to eradicate the individual nature of the cultural aesthetic, including in art. With no wish to lose the spirit of our national painting schools, artists are keen to preserve traditional approaches.

Diversity of Our Modernity exhibition

The Arts Palace event features such Minsk artists as People’s Artist of Belarus, academician Georgy Poplavsky; and Honoured Figures of Arts M. Opiok, L. Dudarenko, V. Gordeenko, and V. Urodnich. Also taking part are V. Barabantsev, M. Mishchenko and L. Gomonov, A. Zhukovsky, I. Barkhatkov, A. Lubnevsky, and N. Golysheva. Artists from other Belarusian regions taking part are M. Klimov and V. Shpartov from Brest, B. Pervuninskikh from Mogilev, M. Bondarchuk from Grodno, N. Kazakevich, and R. Landarsky from Gomel, and M. Taranda from Orsha.

The exhibition demonstrates that artworks can realistically portray the beauty of our world. 

By Veniamin Mikheev
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