Fight against trafficking on international scale

Belarus to continue working internationally to fight human trafficking

By Vladimir Khromov

Belarus to continue working internationally to fight human trafficking

During the roundtable session, timed to coincide with the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, which is celebrated by the international community, (since it was created upon Belarus’ initiative), the Belarus Deputy Foreign Minister, Valentin Rybakov, said, “The Group of Friends United against Human Trafficking works hard as part of the UN, and Belarus is the co-ordinator of the group. We’ll continue working hard on the international arena for the sake of improving the co-ordination of efforts of all the interested parties against human trafficking.”

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister, while fighting human trafficking, Belarus has always focused on tight partnering relations with non-governmental and international organisations that should complement and render assistance to national governments.

Mr. Rybakov stressed that it’s impossible for one country to fight human trafficking, because it is a transnational crime that requires a collective effort. “Joint efforts are needed to build a world where every person will be able to manage their own destiny free from serfdom, fear, humiliation and slavery,” said the Deputy Minister.

He reminded that back in 2005, the President of Belarus spoke before the UN to put forth the initiative in favour of forming a global partnership against human trafficking. As a result of the initiative, in 2010, the 64th session of the UN General Assembly adopted the relevant global action plan unanimously. The UN has also declared the World Day against Trafficking in Persons upon Belarus’ initiative in accordance with the Belarusian resolution on improving the co-ordination of efforts in fighting human trafficking. The UN General Assembly passed the resolution in December 2013.

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