Fifth place is not bad at all

Belarus up 29 points among most flourishing countries in the world— according to Legatum Prosperity Index

Belarus has jumped 29 points to claim 54th position on the Legatum Prosperity Index, which ranks prosperity across 110 nations (in 2009, Belarus was 85th). The British Independent Research Institute Legatum began publishing its Legatum Prosperity Index in 2006. In line with the project’s methodology, a country’s rating is defined by the average figure of its indices. This reflects such components of well-being as key macro-economic figures, levels of education and health, the development of democratic institutions, management organisation, business and innovations, social capital and personal freedom.

In 2010, Norway is ranked first and Denmark second, followed by Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The most highly ranked nations among our post-Soviet countries are Estonia (35th), Lithuania (42nd), Latvia (47th) and Kazakhstan (50th). Meanwhile, Russia is ranked 63rd, Ukraine 69th, Uzbekistan 76th and Moldova 86th. Belarus is fifth in terms of prosperity across the former Soviet Union nations.

Belarus has also improved its position in the Index of Economic Freedom, published by the Heritage Foundation (Washington) with the participation and support of The Wall Street Journal. In 2010, Belarus is ranked 150th out of 183 countries, up 17 points on last year. The rating indicates improvements in Belarus regarding freedom of business, trade, fiscal matters and labour relations, in addition to state spending.

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