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Over 500 festive celebrations scheduled in Minsk for pre-New Year and New Year period

Festive marches, parades and fireworks scheduled

Over 500 festive celebrations scheduled in Minsk for pre-New Year and New Year period

A theatrical parade of Father Frosts and Snow Maidens, alongside fairytale characters, is being organised in Minsk for December 25th, setting off from the country’s chief fir tree, in Oktyabrskaya Square, at 11am. This year, the event will feature over 500 characters from children’s fairytales, films and animated cartoons. The unusual parade will proceed to the Sports Palace, where theatrical performances and a concert programme will be organised. Adults and children will be able to take part in games, contests and competitions. Near the Sports Palace, amusements and merrymaking will last from 11pm on December 31st to 4am on January 1st.

The country’s major fir tree

As the Year of Hospitality is replaced by the Year of Youth, there will be a dance programme featuring popular DJs, and traditional fireworks near the Minsk — Hero-City Memorial on January 1st, at 1am. Chizhovka-Arena will host a pop concert while other events will be evident all across the city, covering 21 public open-air sites.

In December and January, over 50 Christmas trade fairs will be held across Minsk, offering a wide range of New Year’s tree decorations, souvenirs and gift sets for sale, alongside carnival suits and food products. A special fair is planned for December 25th: New Year’s Present — held near the Sports Palace, from 10am to 9pm. Moreover, until January 10th, the International Christmas Festival will be held near the Palace, and a Kolyady Kirmash fair will be at the Sports Palace, as well as on Oktyabrskaya Square, until January 15th.

By Kristina Reshetnikova
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