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Belarus becomes centre of political and cultural international dialogue

Belarus becomes centre of political and cultural international dialogue

At the closing of the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk Festival of Arts

The traditional festive marathon in Vitebsk is over, the results are in and awards and prizes presented. The International Slavianski Bazaar Festival of Arts is now widely known as a summer cultural Olympiad, as it attracts visitors with passionate emotions and competitive spirit, as well as numerous foreign guests. Some may remember that in its early days, there were proposals to hold the festival in a different city each year. However, Alexander Lukashenko decided to personally endorse it and, for a quarter of a century, Vitebsk has welcomed representatives of different countries and cultures not only to compete in the musical contest but also to learn more about each other. One of the main aims of the Slavianski Bazaar is to strengthen ties between states and foster friendship between nations.

Mr. Lukashenko, speaking at the festival’s closing ceremony, reminded the audience that the ‘competitiveness of nations and states should be better demonstrated by sporting and artistic events rather than by military conflicts’.
Speaking of the significance of the Slavianski Bazaar, the President emphasised that we must all take care to promote our Slavonic culture and its integration into the global community. He pointed out that attempts to rewrite history are becoming increasingly common, as are efforts to reduce the importance of our victory over fascism. With this in mind, we should never be complacent about our traditional cultural heritage.

Every year, the Slavianski Bazaar is expanding. Initially, only eight countries took part but, this year, the event attracted 42 states. “We’ll do everything possible to raise this number from 42 and welcome them to our country,” affirmed the President. “Belarus is being transformed into a centre of political and cultural international dialogue. With this in mind, we are not saying goodbye to this year’s festival but looking forward to beginning preparations for the 25th jubilee event in Vitebsk next year”.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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