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Chairman of Supreme State Council of Union State, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, congratulates Belarusians and Russians on Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia
In his congratulation, Mr. Lukashenko noted that Unity Day occupies a special place among the many public holidays in the year. The greeting reads: ‘It comes from the will of our brotherly nations to unite efforts and jointly create our future. It is deeply symbolic that, against the background of 1990s centrifugal tendencies within the whole post-Soviet space, only we — Belarusians and Russians — have managed to lay the foundations of unity on a new historical stage, overcoming massive external pressure. Since that time, our countries have come a long way; Belarusian-Russian integration has been successfully implemented in contemporary large-scale projects, such as the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. It will guide us towards our next goal — the Eurasian Union. We’ll create new organisational forms and a further level of integration; however, the historical decision of our nations — adopted 17 years ago — will remain the foundation of these processes.’

The President of Belarus notes that bilateral trade now exceeds $43bn. His greeting continues: ‘We’re jointly building a nuclear power station and mastering space together, while efficiently uniting our potential in the sphere of science. We’re implementing joint projects across various branches — from industry and agriculture to education and social services. We’re systematically co-operating in the spheres of foreign and defence policy so, despite new threats and instability worldwide, we can look confidently to the future. Most vitally, citizens of our states don’t feel like foreign aliens in Belarus or Russia’.

Mr. Lukashenko believes that further rapprochement is essential in today’s world, emphasising: ‘The results of the session of the Supreme State Council of the Union State have confirmed our readiness to continue developing this integration. We’ll clearly determine its renewed priorities and will fix concrete goals, to make the Union State even more efficient in promoting the well-being of our people. I’m convinced that joint, purposeful work is the way to fully realising our existing potential, ensuring the competitiveness of our national economies and sustainable growth, while guaranteeing a worthy standing of living. I’m confident that the heartfelt aspiration of our people for joint dynamic development will be successfully brought to life’.

Mr. Lukashenko wishes all Belarusians and Russians health, happiness and prosperity. His greeting ends: ‘May our countries’ inviolable, strategic partnerships grow ever stronger!’
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