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Lithuanian actor Juozas Budraitis presents photo exhibition in Vitebsk
By Sergey Smirnov

Well-known Soviet and Lithuanian theatre and cinema actor Juozas Budraitis has presented an exhibition of photographs, taken by him on film shoots: My Cinema. 1970-1990. Hosted by Vitebsk’s Marc Chagall Museum, the venue also organised a discussion with Juozas, allowing fans to meet their hero.

The display of photographs first went on show in Minsk, during the Listapad Film Festival, in November 2013. The photos capture popular actors from Soviet and Russian cinema, as well as shots of Mr. Budraitis’ spouse. Her photo inspired the others, explains Juozas. “This shot was taken in 1969 and the sincerity of the portrait caught my imagination, sparking my hobby. Over numerous trips, at airports and stations, I watched people’s faces, giving me a unique sort of ‘acting education,” notes Mr. Budraitis, stressing that he never received specialised education. 

Juozas admits that he was unsure about exhibiting his photos, having always intended them to be for his own pleasure. “I thought that I’d just look at them from time to time, remembering these faces and these eyes, and my feelings from each moment. However, it turned out that these faces are of interest to other people as well,” he reveals. He was amazed by people’s reactions at the first exhibition, held in Moscow in 2010.

The actor emphasises he was flattered by the opportunity to showcase his works at the Marc Chagall Museum. “I’m charmed by this wonderful city and have been fascinated to see the house where Chagall was born. I’d like to return in warmer weather to stroll Vitebsk’s streets and see its houses. The walls of Chagall’s house are so picturesque, you want to touch them,” Mr. Budraitis smiles.
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