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Belarus and World Bank define tasks to realise agreements on further co-operation
Belarus and World Bank define tasks to realise agreements on further co-operation, with corresponding arrangements signed during meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin and the World Bank Country Manager for Belarus, Young Chul Kim

During the meeting, Young Chul Kim noted the intensive work of the Government of Belarus with the World Bank, while underlining the high quality of reconstructive work performed by Belarusian experts on the М5 Minsk-Gomel motorway, as carried out with World Bank participation. Implementation of transport, housing and communal service projects was discussed, financed by World Bank loans. Plans include the soon-to-commence modernisation of the М6 Minsk-Grodno motorway, solid waste processing and the development of systems of water supply and discharge.

Other infrastructural projects came under discussion, including with attraction of EU financial structures, and new programmes in housing and communal services. Funding is sought for deironing stations, for the transfer of water from underground sources to the capital, and for the creation of alternative fuel from solid municipal waste, as well as using local fuels to run boiler-houses. The Government has directed various proposals to the World Bank for consideration.

By Vladimir Khromov

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