Fate can decide everything

Yulia Shchasnovich thanks Fate for allowing her to meet Vladimir Spivakov last year

By Viktar Korbut

Not long ago, the maestro sent a present to this young performer: a silver flute worth 5,600 Euros. In her first interview, the student of the Belarusian State Music Academy tells us of her acquaintance with Mr. Spivakov.

How did you meet the maestro?

Last December, he gave concerts in Minsk and my teacher — Honoured Artiste and Professor Boris Nichkov — approached him, asking him to hear me play. We met at the Music Academy and I performed Borne’s ‘Carmen’.

Show me someone who dislikes Carmen…

Of course it’s true; this virtuoso fantasy — based on Bizet’s opera — is very popular and often performed by flautists. I must have touched his heart, as Mr. Spivakov liked my performance. He asked me which company produces the best flutes. I’ve owned a Yamaha flute since my 7th year at school but have always dreamt of a special Muramatsu flute (also Japanese made but more professional). I told the maestro and… you know what happened next. For many years, Mr. Spivakov has been involved in charitable activity. He also presented our Ivan Karizna with a cello.

Do wooden flutes still exist?

Masters do produce them but they have a special sound, which is rather muffled. Golden flutes also exist. The world of musical instruments has as many trends as the car industry: every year, better and more advanced ‘models’ are launched.
You lost your parents at a tender age. How have you found so much patience and determination for your music?
In short, I can do nothing except play. I’ve been studying music since the age of six and it’s my only profession now. I teach the flute at a musical school.

What will you do if Mr. Spivakov invites you to Moscow?

He has a chamber string orchestra, so has no need of a flute, unless it plays alone. An invitation would be a one-off only. However, I would agree to work. Next April, he is coming to Minsk again, bringing his ‘Vladimir Spivakov Invites’ Festival. I’ll participate. Moreover, he heads the CIS Youth Symphony Orchestra, where I play first flute. Not long ago, I rehearsed with ‘Moscow Virtuosi’, at Moscow’s House of Music, for the first time. It’s an outstanding orchestra, comprising the best musicians in the world!

Which are your favourite world class flautists?

Most of all I love French Emmanuel Pahud. Actually, the French are strong in wind instrument playing. Probably, this is inborn; their instruments sound soft, tidy and virtuoso. Brought up with the Russian school, our sound is harsher and more strict.

Which do you prefer?

The French way; you need to listen to good musicians, working on your tone and technique. As a novice, my flute always hissed, as I failed to blow properly. However, the more time you spend practising, the better your performance.

Which music do you love?

I try to listen to classical music, if I have time — primarily, flute music. I also love pop music, mostly foreign.

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