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Fast rivers generating pure energy

Italian PVB Group SPA to implement innovative projects in hydropower engineering in Belarus
The Technical Director of PVB Group SPA, Plamen Dilkov, has announced his company’s plans to implement several renewable energy projects in Belarus. In particular, it would like to build several hydro power plants on the country’s major rivers, including the Dnieper, Zapadnaya Dvina and Nieman. Using innovative technologies, the Italian company will be able to help Belarus generate up to 1,000 MW of electricity.

“We’ve taken a serious step towards innovative production of power, developing a mobile bulb turbine without shields, operating underwater. It’s more efficient, using upper and lower water currents, and is totally environmentally friendly, being certified in compliance with European standards,” explains Mr. Dilkov. Five years ago, such technologies in the sphere of hydraulic power were non-existent. PVB Group SPA has been working on the design for twenty years.

Belarus’ Deputy Energy Minister, Mikhail Mikhadyuk, notes Belarus’ eagerness to benefit from the company’s expertise and knowledge in hydropower engineering. The latest hydropower installations are perfect for Belarus. Moreover, Belarus may set up a joint venture with Italy — even entering third markets together. A delegation of specialists and experts is to visit existing PVB Group SPA facilities and those under construction, to learn from the Italian company’s best practice. An investment agreement to construct a hydropower plant in Belarus should later be concluded.
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