Fashion trends and accents

New Year holidays inspire us to rethink our wardrobes, clearing out the old and musing on new fashions for spring and summer. What awaits us in the coming year? Belarusian fashion designers Olga Kucherenko-Laburdova and Olga Osipenko reveal all
By Lyudmila Minkina

Retro styling remains all the rage
According to Olga Osipenko, ‘Fall-Winter 2012-2013’ is characterised by simplicity: an absence of unnecessary decoration and plenty of natural fibres such as wool. Retro style Scandinavian Nordic patterns are adorning our knitwear, much to her delight. She smiles, “I love those small geometric patterns, which seem to vibrate.”

Capes and ponchos are back in fashion — warm, relaxed and comfy for country walks, especially when combined with knitwear sets. 1960s accents are also fashionable: plain fabrics that keep their shape and slightly flared trousers and skirts. Androgynous styling takes the form of tuxedos, shirts, ties and cufflinks rather than ‘beggar tomboy’.

Olga Kucherenko-Laburdova tells us that vivid colours are on trend, as is pure white. White evening dresses are the major colour tendency this season. Bohemian lace, satin and knitted dresses will be eye-catching at any event. Meanwhile, there will be many frills in the spring-summer clothes collections but fine leather will also remain a fashion must-have: suits, tops and skirts.

Fashion accessories to the fore
This winter, fur will dominate bags, shoes and hats, with ‘art deco’ styling popular. Hats with brims of all sizes will be on sale, as will hunter and Nordic style knitted caps with ear flaps — the perfect choice for frosty days.

‘Spring-Summer 2013’ shoes will dazzle us in rich shades of purple, orange, red, dark blue, yellow, blue, olive, pink, cornflower blue and in metallic tones. Those summer party feet will enter next winter in ankle boots with platforms or square heels, teamed with rich and original decoration.
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