Fashion show set for Olympic wave

National Olympic Committee discusses training for Rio Games, with Head of Committee, Alexander Lukashenko, assessing parade uniform and sportswear for Belarusian athletes
Designers Ivan Aiplatov and Yulia Latushkina have worked many months to create the sportswear, which has met with the President’s approval. He jokes, “Now, we just need to earn medals.” The Committee session, preceded by the fashion show, discussed potential results. Mr. Lukashenko likens the Games to a sporting exam held every four years, noting that the event is about far more than medals, since it portrays a public face to the world, and impacts the reputation of a country.

Presentation of new Olympic uniform

He states that the media gives sport political significance, noting that doping issues, such as the use of meldonium (recently reported worldwide) are of special importance. He states, “It’s vital to know whether this problem affects our athletes and to what degree. There’s no need to conceal anything. Even eight-year-old samples are being tested. We shouldn’t be facing a situation of having medals taken away from our coming performance in Brazil, or eight years later. This shouldn’t happen. Personal responsibility is essential.” He underlined that fair sportsmanship is vital.

Regarding medals, the Head of State recognises that nothing can be guaranteed and that sporting prowess grows each year. However, he asserts, “This isn’t a reason for excuses, although we’ve moved away from concrete plans for medals, as is, probably, correct.”

At present, 134 Belarusian athletes are to travel to Rio, across 25 nominations. They are now being fitted for uniforms for the parade and for events. We hope that their appearance will inspire everyone who sees them. Fans will also be able to purchase their own copies of the uniform from shops.

By Alexander Fedotov
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