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Fashion designers to inspire us with everything from retro prints to exotic Bohemia

November has proven rich in fashion events. In addition to traditional Belarus Fashion Week, there has been the Minsk Fashion Forum — a seminar organised by the Belarusian Fashion Centre. So… what are the latest trends for next spring and summer from our young Belarusian designers?
By Anna Alexandrova 

The vintage mood, harking back to the 1920s-50s, is to continue, with matching light coat and dress sets perhaps a new concept for many.  The Chief Artistic Head of the Belarusian Fashion Centre, Elvira Zhvikova, tells us that a slim ‘pencil’ silhouette will dominate, with skirts below the knee. Summer coats will have a straight silhouette, with or without a large collar. In addition, 1940s-50s retro-prints will be all the rage — even featuring images of old cars.

1970s Bohemia will also feature: wide silk trousers, and maxi dresses and skirts, with long splits. Floating silhouettes and free forms will be accompanied by ‘baby-doll’ lace on skirts, trousers, jackets and dresses. Pastel, muted and bright shades will be fashionable (for example, from pale pink to scarlet and burgundy). Floral and exotic garden prints will support an ethnic theme in African and Latin American style. Hand-made folk decorations and accessories are to be fashionable, and we’re likely to see plenty of extravagant detail.

“Collections for S/S2013 are expected to be interesting,” notes Ms. Zhvikova. “On the one hand, some will continue the theme of minimalism, with calm grey-beige neutrals prevailing, alongside white, using some rough textures. However, we’ll also see an incredible burst of neon.”
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