Farewell … with loveFarewell … with love

Signer Jennifer Lopez performs first concert in Belarus
By Victoria Svetlova

Neither Shakira, nor Sting, captured the audience’s hearts as easily as the Latin American from the Bronx, performing at Minsk Arena. Ms. Lopez arrived in Minsk after giving a concert in Azerbaijan, preceded by her managers, who arrived to check household and technical conditions. In fact, the star’s demands were quite reasonable, notes the assistant to the director of the Department of State, Special and Cultural Shows at the Palace of the Republic, Tamara Shakhnazarova.

She tells us, “Of course, the terms under which Ms. Lopez would perform were quite specific but they were straightforward, intending only to create the most comfortable conditions. Jennifer likes the colour white, so we chose light colours for her hotel: furniture, walls and carpets. Her flowers were also only white. The technical conditions were more difficult to fulfil but also feasible. She required a production office, plus offices for her tour manager and manager, several dressing rooms for her dancers and musicians, a wardrobe room and, of course, a dressing room for herself.

The singer flew into the capital with her mother, Guadalupe, children Emme and Max, and her new boyfriend — dancer Casper Smart, 25. Ms. Lopez’s team of 85 people stayed in the Crown Plaza Hotel with her and the star appears to have been delighted with her reception, as she left her room in high spirits. On leaving the hotel, she was met not only by journalists but by young Belarusian band Switter Boys, who played and sang one of her hits for her on the accordion. This inspired a little dance from Jennifer, who then hugged and kissed each of the soloists, asking if they were coming to the concert. Receiving an affirmative answer, she nodded, saying, “I’ll look out for you.” She then posed for a few minutes for photographers, before leaving in a black Mercedes, accompanied by a police car, to conduct a sound check at Minsk Arena.

We love you, Jennifer!

She arrived on stage promptly for her 90 minute new programme Dance Again, chattered cheerfully with the audience and threw out T-shirts, caps and other accessories. Moreover, she allowed fans to take photos of her on their phones. As everyone expected, she danced divinely, sang all her most famous hits, had ten costume changes and, with each, appeared younger and younger. Before singing her hip-hop ‘bomb’ Goin in, Jennifer called herself ‘a simple girl from the Bronx’.
After performing her hit On the Floor, the audience gave a five-minute standing ovation, with every face breaking into a grateful smile. Her positive energy filled the room, inspiring shouts of ‘We love you, Jennifer!’ from the audience as she ended her show.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is known as a singer, actress, TV host and designer. Aged 43, she has produced seven albums and has sold over 55 million albums worldwide. She is ranked 27th by Billboard among the best singers of the 2000s. She is currently unmarried but has twins Max and Emme, aged 4, from her third marriage — to singer Marc Anthony.
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