Far abroad is waiting for new Belaz models

The Belarusian automobile factory begins to implement the first supplies of tip-trucks to Venezuela in 2007
The enterprise looks upon Venezuela as the gate to the Latin American market. There is a number of mining pits In Venezuela and for this reason heavy-duty tip-trucks are in demand as it is considered at the BelAZ. Besides this particular marked is perspective.

The BelAZ supplies far abroad countries with about 25 per cent of its output. The other export share is going to the CIS. In 2006 more than 200 tip-trucks were sold in the far abroad countries. In general the BelAZ actively acts in widening its participation in all the pit mining regions of the world. An emphasis is put upon the supply of models which have proved to be reliable on the market. At present work is being done to explore and strengthen the markets of China, Australia, Iran and a number of EU countries.

The enterprise tries to enlarge the number of specified pit tip-truck ser­vice centers together with sale increase. There have been supply and service contracts made with 23 dealers in the CIS and far abroad countries for the year 2007. Such organizations are effective in Russia. It is common that the BelAZ selects or attracts local companies for those purposes.

By the way the Russian miners intend to order BelAZ the development of a pit tip-truck capable to operate at a steeper slope. Such idea was introduced at the International Scientific Conference “Mining transport — 2007” which was held in Zhodino. The idea was introduced by scientists from Yekaterinburg. They work on mining machine and equipment development for the Russian mining industry.

As was noted almost vertically moving devices can appear in several years. They are very useful and they can be done by the BelAZ.
On commenting the fact the head BelAZ constructor Alexandr Egorov noted that preliminary designs are currently on in this field. “We have conducted preliminary engineer designs and continue doing it, — noted the main constructor. — It will be close to the classic pneumatic tire tip-truck. I have no doubt that we shall succeed in producing such a truck”.

Viktor Mikhailov
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