Fanipol gains European acknowledgement

Stadler Minsk to supply Norwegian State Railways, announces Peter Spuhler, CEO and owner of Stadler Rail Group, on meeting President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko
“We’ve shown initiative, moving some Western European state orders here [to Belarus], including an order for Norwegian State Railways,” Mr. Spuhler notes. “Moreover, our order to assemble trams for St. Petersburg is being fully executed in Fanipol.”

Production in Fanipol

The meeting also focused on the possibility of producing trains for the third Minsk metro line, at Stadler Minsk. The Stadler Rail Group CEO adds that, in 2015, the company faced certain difficulties, as Russia’s Aeroexpress was unable to pay for part of its order. “We had to extend the timeline on production processes, to find new sources of financing. The issue is almost solved today,” he stresses.

The company will continue working with Belkommunmash, purchasing its components. Probably, it will also develop partnership with other Belarusian enterprises. “All the products assembled in Minsk are absolutely Belarusian products,” the owner of the company stresses.

Mr. Lukashenko says that Belarus is ready to work with Stadler Rail Group and implement proposals by the company’s senior executives. “You’ve created almost 500 highly productive jobs in Belarus, and you’re working with innovations ‘on trend’ today. These are our main objectives, which we’ll pursue from 2016 to 2021. In this regard, you can be sure that we’re ready to work with you and implement all your company’s proposals,” the President noted, adding that the company has done much in Belarus within its past year of work. “Of course, new issues and, perhaps, new interests emerge,” he remarks. “I’m aware of your proposals regarding the expansion of production in Belarus.”

By Vladimir Velikhov

Click to gain a ticket

By Anton Kostyukevich

Belarusian Railways has started selling tickets to European countries online, via its site, Customers are invited to buy tickets to Germany, France, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

However, online tickets do need to be registered at special ticket offices, such as Minsk ticket office #5, at the railway station, and at the international ticket offices at 2 Kirov Str. For more detailed information and addresses of ticket offices, refer to the official website of  Belarusian Railways.

It is possible to gain refunds on international tickets via Internet banking. Belarusian Railways is also working on online registration for international journeys.

Thank you for everything, Ruth!

By Dmitry Ampilov

Diplomats visit Military Cemetery in Minsk to pay tribute to American citizen Ruth Waller, who died 70 years ago, aged 24

In 1946, Ms. Waller rescued three Belarusian boys who were drowning in a lake and died of pneumonia shortly afterwards.

She came to Belarus to work for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) to help Belarus to recover after the war, organising supply of food, clothes and medicines. Employees of the US Embassy to Minsk were among those who came to lay flowers on the grave, headed by George A. Noll, Chargé d’affaires, ad interim at the U.S. Embassy in Minsk. After all, Ruth Waller’s story is an important page for diplomatic relations.

“Now, after all these years, her name and what she did unites the US and Belarus under the auspices of the United Nations. Her lifestory is inspiring,” says UN Resident Co-ordinator in Belarus, Sanaka Samarasinha.
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