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Fan zones filled with exciting events

Programme of cultural activities ready for Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk
Cultural activities planned include museum and exhibition projects, open-air and indoor concerts, various performances, and displays by masters of arts and crafts. Belarus’ First Deputy Culture Minister, Vladimir Karachevsky, tells us, “All sites now have opening schedules, including museums and theatres. Cultural activities will be constant in fan-zones and, in fact, we lack room for the number of projects we plan to accommodate.”

Minsk’s Gorky and Chelyuskintsev parks will be hosting events, with stands and pavilions much in demand. The Belarusian State Academy of Arts and, even, BelAZ JSC plan displays and the Spadchyna Belarusi (Heritage of Belarus) project is sure to prove popular. Minsk residents and guests of the capital will see about 100 reproductions from the photo album of the same name, by journalists Alexander Alexeev and Oleg Lukashevich.
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