Fairly favourable running order

Anastasia Vinnikova to perform 16th at Eurovision-2011

By Irina Sviridenko

German Dusseldorf has hosted the annual Head of Delegation meeting for countries taking part in Eurovision-2011, with songs announced for this prestigious musical competition.

Belarus is to be represented by Anastasia Vinnikova, singing I Love Belarus, which has been composed by Yevgeny Oleinik and Svetlana Geraskova (known under the pseudonym of Gera). The version selected for the contest is the third song choice to date. Initially, a focus group from the country’s largest TV channels chose Anastasia’s Born in Bielorussia as the winner of the national selection round, written by Yevgeny Oleinik and Victor Rudenko. The song was changed, given the title I am Belarusian, with Svetlana Geraskova as co-author to Mr. Oleinik. However, as the musical material was publicly performed before September 1st, 2010 (forbidden by Eurovision rules), a new composition was needed. This was presented in Dusseldorf, alongside a whole package of documents needed for the application.

Dusseldorf has chosen the running order for the Eurovision semi-finals, with Anastasia Vinnikova performing 16th in the second semi-finals, to be held on May 12th.

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