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Alexander Lukashenko offers Russia’s Vnesheconombank to participate in a large number of projects in Belarus

Fair business is welcomed

Alexander Lukashenko offers Russia’s Vnesheconombank to participate in a large number of projects in Belarus. This was discussed at the meeting of the President with the Chairman of Vnesheconombank, Vladimir Dmitriev.

Alexander Lukashenko thanked Vnesheconombank for their fulfilment of all undertaken obligations, “Sometimes, I receive complaints that foreign bankers, including Russian, do not fulfil their obligations. And I demand concrete facts, ‘who and where’ is not enough. Preparing for this meeting, I looked through the fulfilment of obligations which you undertook. To be honest, I have not found a single obligation which you did not fulfil. Moreover, volumes of financing of our economy, and participation of the bank in crediting and modernisation of economy — all these are seen.”

The President said, “We would be grateful to you, if, in this hard time for the banking system of Russia, you will find the possibility of greater participation in economic and financial activities in Belarus.”

Alexander Lukashenko also expressed special gratitude for the financing of the construction of the nuclear power station, “It is possible to say, that it is the project of the century for Belarus. We, of course, very scrupulously approach to building. We count every penny, because we use borrowed money and we will have to give it back via credit resources. And your bank very strongly supports us. We are now drawing the last loan of half a billion dollars, the station is under construction and the control is very stringent. I personally supervise the project alongside government members and other stakeholders. Therefore, I am very grateful to you for this project. If there is a possibility of greater participation, then this is welcome.”

The President added that the Belarusian side is ready to lend a hand to Vnesheconombank at any time, no matter how hard it may be for Belarus.
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