Facilities to efficiently combat rust

First Belarusian HD galvanizing plant for large-size metal construction to appear in Lida district next year

This significant investment project is sited in the Lida district, at Grodnoinvest FEZ, with a new company coming into operation next December; it aims to satisfy domestic needs, while also exporting. “It is to be a one hundred percent import-substituting facility,” stresses Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky. “Our country currently lacks a plant able to protect metal constructions from rust by HD galvanizing. We only have specialised workshops at certain factories, so are obliged to place such orders abroad, paying with foreign currency. Meanwhile, Belarusian enterprises need about 120,000 tonnes of HD galvanizing a year. Growing volumes on our national market have inspired us to consider opening our own facility, creating 130 new jobs.”

The project is to use technology developed by the National Academy of Sciences, using original solutions which meet ecological standards, ensuring the local environment won’t suffer. Powerful air purification filters will create a high degree of protection, in addition to zero waste water.

According to calculations, the project should pay for itself within 6-7 years. Lida’s facility — alongside a similar plant being built in Rechitsa — will provide HD galvanizing for up to 70,000 tonnes of metal constructions a year. As a result, import-substitution will exceed 25m euros annually.

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