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Delegation of top managers from American and European offices of Facebook visits Minsk’s High-Tech Park

Facebook top managers visit HTP

Delegation of top managers from American and European offices of Facebook, headed by Deputy Director for Development Saba Maher Afif, visits Minsk’s High-Tech Park

Last year, the HTP Administration joined Facebook in a two-day major conference, the Facebook Marketing Summit, at the HTP business incubator, bringing together more than 400 participants. This time, the delegation was briefed on the HTP’s performance, which showed a pleasing level of ICT development in Belarus. Members noted their awareness of a number of successful IT companies from Belarus and commented that they are keeping an eye on them.

During the meeting with the Director of the HTP Administration, Valery Tsepkalo, parties exchanged views on the status and prospects of ICT development and discussed the contribution of Belarusian developers to the global IT industry.

The delegation also visited the HTP business incubator where they viewed infrastructure and programmes of support for start-ups. In the presence of the Facebook representatives, Yevgeny Nevgen and Sergey Gonchar, who created the MSQRD app, wrote some lines on the business incubator’s ‘Wall of Fame’, wishing success to all start-ups.

The visit finished with a trip to the new EPAM Systems office, a resident company of the High-Tech Park. According to the Facebook representatives, the office is reminiscent of the Silicon Valley offices, providing ample workspace.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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