During a recent visit to Minsk Plant “Belkommunmash” the President Alexander Lukashenko held up this enterprise as an example
During a recent visit to Minsk Plant “Belkommunmash” the President
Alexander Lukashenko held up this enterprise as an example.

A global situation is known. The news is about exacerbation of the world crisis... Is it necessary to lose heart hearing the word “crisis”? Ask the enterprise “Belkommunmash” to answer. In spite of a difficult world business trends, it doesn’t even think about cutting back the production. Vice versa, the enterprise hurries to extend it. The General Director of “Belkommunmash” Vladimir Korol said to me with pleasure that a package of orders for this year is full. In spite of the fact that the majority of countries pulls in all kinds of budgets, the demand for municipal vehicles is preserved and even grows.

Demand for new trolleybuses and trams, produced by “Belkommunmash,” is especially high in the neighboring Russia and Ukraine. Many city parks of electrical goods became outdated here. They have to be seriously restored. Local public transport enterprises pay special interest to Belarusian trolleybuses and trams. “The matter is that we replaced two generations of equipment as soon as possible. Owing to this fact we outstrip our rivals by a generation,” Vladimir Korol shares his impressions.

Administration of “Belkommunmash” is full of new strategic plans. It calculated that sales of railway vehicles amount only to 20 per cent of the market of communal electrotechnics. The other 80 per cent falls on the service of machines, supply of equipment and spare parts, construction and reconstruction of electrical supply networks and tram lines, personnel training... “Belkommunmash” plans to master these segments in the near future. It is necessary to organize an engineering and industrial group with attraction of serious foreign investors. It will offer to the customers the equipment projects of electrotechnics ready-to-operate. Besides, variants of purchase of foreign enterprises are taken into consideration, having the same profile as “Belkommunmash.” This will allow extending the presence of Belarusian manufacturers on foreign markets...

During a recent visit to Minsk “Belkommunmash” the President held up this enterprise as an example, thanked the administration of “Belkommunmash” for organization of the first-class required manufacture instead of the former repair shop. He appealed for the enterprise with a request to increase the quantity of technics twice or thrice. Alexander Lukashenko gave detailed information about his vision of the present economic situation, answering the questions of journalists.

About consequences of devaluation

“We straightly said why we devaluated the currency. It wasn’t only because the credit of the International Monetary Fund. If we didn’t devaluate the currency, we would have lost a lot on the Russian market because of the currency difference,” the President said. “The main thing for me is to keep manufactures and the workers and not currency rates. Even if we don’t get enough wages, it won’t last long... As for devaluation, what is the danger for a person? We shall live calmly as earlier.”

About preservation of jobs

“Compare our development model, look at the work of national and private enterprises. For example, a Russian owner of private business can dismiss a half of his workers if something goes wrong. The main thing for him is to keep his money. However, in this case it is necessary to take billions out of a “money-box” and to invest into production. How does the state act? If the state enterprise has difficulties, we would have given the national support and mobilized a banking system and the other resources to save the manufacture. Yes, market economy and private production are good while it is good. We will support both owners of private business and the national sector. We will also strain the first one — he shall be socially responsible during this difficult period. We will help and make people working.”

About plans of privatization

“We won’t correct these plans. In the situation when everything collapses, it’s no use to sell enterprises. Of course, if investors offered 5 billion US Dollars for such an enterprise as “Belkommunmash,” Belarus would have agreed to sell it. Firstly, nobody is going to pay such an amount. Secondly, it’s no use to sell it, as it works well.”

About liberalization

“In the near future I will sign a decree about an applicant principle of registration of market participants. You will be able to come, bring a charter, an application, pay a state duty and work. The other normative acts are soon to appear, focused on business climate improvement in the country. At the same time everybody shall work sincerely on a decent basis. If you cheat, reaction can impose criminal liability...

In the present situation it is necessary to give more freedom to the manufacturer... For example, we can’t increase taxes, because enterprises need more resources. To “nail somebody to the wall” now means to twist off a head.”
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