Export to European Union

<img class="imgl" alt="" src="http://www.belarus-magazine.by/images/05061201.jpg" />Belarus’ Agriculture Ministry plans to boost the share of exports to the European Union (EU) to 33%
According to specialists with the foreign relations department of the ministry, agricultural companies have launched a large-scale campaign to adopt the HACCP quality management system. So far 22 companies of the sector have been certified, another 22 organizations have been granted export veterinarian numbers and 64 more companies have been ISO 9000-certified.

There are more factors that are expected to allow Belarusian products to win over European consumers: Belarus’ famous trademarks “Savushkin Produkt”, “Santa Bremor”, Brest and Grodno meat-packing plants have applied to the European Commission for the European standard certification.
Companies with the Agriculture Ministry plan to increase exports 10% on the year in 2006 to $1 billion.
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