Export of Education

Belarus plans to increase the number of foreign students that study in this country 10 times to 25,000 people in the next five years
Belarusian educational establishments possess a set of modern facilities, and the priority task now is to extend the range of Belarusian educational services. “We are to create our own competitive educational system,” Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Kosinets told reporters. The country has a great potential for high-quality training of specialists. “Education is the intellectual potential of our country,” the vice-premier noted.

According to Alexander Kosinets, the development of exports of educational services automatically gives a boost to the domestic system of education. Another task for Belarus is to have all its textbooks translated into foreign languages, primarily, English. Besides, it is necessary to have all books and materials available in the digital format.

With all these objectives carried out and given the high quality of the Belarusian educational system and comparatively low prices this country will become even more attractive for foreign specialists that wish to have quality education.
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