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Venture Capital Investment Agency helping innovative companies launch

The Venture Capital Investment Agency was registered by the Minsk City Executive Committee’s Main Department of Justice on March 12th. Headquartered in Minsk, it is a commercial organisation aiming to support Belarus’ innovation sector while increasing the number of venture (high-risk) projects and those relating to the commercialisation of intellectual property sites. Operating within the innovative segment, it will aid the financing of venture capital.

The new structure unites professionals in such areas as marketing, finance, law, venture capital financing and project management. If necessary, technical specialists can be brought in. It aims to assist in developing business plans for innovation projects, facilitating the search for suitable investors and preparing necessary documentation for projects relating to the commercialisation of intellectual property sites.

The Agency has already signed preliminary agreements on co-operation with a number of venture capital organisations, business incubators and associations of business angels in Belarus and abroad.

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