Experts give their recommendations

UN Economic Commission for Europe and UNDP ready to provide assistance in introducing and developing public private partnership mechanisms in Belarus
According to Antonius Broek, UN Resident Co-ordinator/UNDP Resident Representative in Belarus, speaking at a seminar in Minsk, Belarus needs to attract investments into infrastructure to strengthen its competitive advantages: its favourable geographical location, good quality roads and expanded network of pipelines. “The Government primarily uses budgetary financing but the public private partnership mechanism is applied worldwide to introduce major infrastructure projects,” he noted.

On a global scale, injections into this sphere stand at trillions of US Dollars. To develop public private partnership, Belarus needs to study the successful experience of neighbouring states and to improve its legislation regulating partnerships between the state and private businesses. Suitable areas need to be determined, drawing on international experience of attracting investments into infrastructure.

Mr. Broke stressed that the recommendations by the UN Economic Commission for Europe are set to be carried out. “Through the productive partnership of the UNDP and the UN Economic Commission for Europe, including close co-operation with the EU, a universal project is planned to strengthen the potential of state structures, regional authorities and business communities. We’ll promote the development and management of projects dealing with public private partnership in infrastructure and public structures,” he explained.

The project is to cover various aspects regarding Belarus’ promotion of public private partnerships, especially for the training of specialists and the creation of a favourable environment for such liaisons. “We sincerely recommend that the Government decisively launches the necessary legislation, following our recommendations,” Mr. Broek concluded.
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