Experimental logistical route


Belorusneft transports fuel by water to satisfy domestic market needs
The experimental logistical project has been achieved following the Government’s decision to develop transport-logistical schemes for cargo shipping by domestic water transport. The recent pilot transportation of 657 tonnes of diesel fuel has been carried out en route to Mozyr — the river port of Brest. The Brest Region was not chosen accidentally: its two cities are connected by a waterway that includes the Pripyat and Mukhavets rivers linked via the Dnieper-Bug canal. The fuel was delivered by two barges, within 12 days. The route was organised by the Belarusian Oil Company.

The Belorusneft Production Association was established in 1966, focusing on exploration and the development of oil wells. It is involved in drilling for oil and associated gas extraction, also being Belarus’ major operator in the field of oil product retail. Belorusneft runs a wide network of fuelling stations (over 530) which sell over 70 percent of the country’s fuel. This year, the company has built and reconstructed twenty fuelling stations throughout Belarus, via its affiliates.

By Valery Sidorenko
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