Experiment and traditions enjoy both unity and diversity

Domestic textiles presented at Metaphors and Metamorphosis in Minsk
By Tatiana Biryuzova

Leading experts in the field of art textiles presented their works, as did young graduates of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.

The exhibition gives insight into the latest trends in experimental art textiles in Belarus, in all its forms.

Planar and volumetric textiles were on display, using a variety of materials: linen, plastic, cardboard, organic glass and polymers. The exhibition is truly experimental, gathering works which are creative in their use of form, colour and material.

For decades, domestic textiles have developed from the traditions of tapestry. The first graduates of the Textile Department of the Faculty of Arts and Crafts began experimenting in this direction, creating a new dimension and language. Today, many have their own students.

In our country, textile art enjoys regional characteristics, having always been popular. This may be why Belarusian artists strive to enrich traditional tapestries with raised textures and spatial elements — as is evident at Metaphors and Metamorphosis.
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