Experience of collaboration is yielding tangible results

Visits by delegations from Russian regions to Belarus bring ever rising levels of co-operation
By Denis Krylov

Meetings between the Belarusian President and the heads of Russian regions have set the tone for liaisons. Speaking to the President over recent visits, the heads of regions and republics have discussed strategic areas of interaction to guide fruitful contacts with state and private enterprises. With time, all issues have been solved and meetings between the Belarusian leader and Russian governors have acquired a friendly character.

Previous agreements are still in force while some technical issues have been solved quite successfully in the regular course of business.

This was a keynote of the meeting between Mr. Lukashenko and Alexander Mikhailov, Governor of the Kursk Region. Welcoming his guest, the President noted that Belarus has been successfully collaborating with most Russian federal districts but that more opportunities are opening up for even more intensive co-operation. The Customs Union and the Single Economic Space should be used to the utmost.

According to the Belarusian President, restoration of pre-crisis levels of trade turnover is a vital goal for interaction with the Kursk Region. Already, trade has tripled within a decade, which is a significant result. However, mutual business interest remains high, indicating that figures can grow further. Mr. Lukashenko believes that the structure of mutual trade should be assessed to identify the potential of high-tech and science-intensive goods. Our agricultural and quarry machinery may also find application in the Kursk Region and our agrarian scientists are ready to liaise with Kursk colleagues.

Additionally, Belarus is offering goods and services in the construction sphere. The President believes, “Our range of mutual interests could be extended, with innovative projects bringing an especially positive effect in stimulating the intensive development of our economies.”

Mr. Mikhailov clearly agrees with such approaches, since existing experience of collaboration is yielding tangible results. He told Mr. Lukashenko that, in recent years, the region has managed to considerably raise its grain yields from Belarusian seeds. Kursk Region residents are also pleased with the launch of an assembly line to manufacture our trolley buses. Now, we need not only to expand these production facilities but to launch the assembly of trams. Such technology is of interest to Kursk Region customers, as well as those from neighbouring regions. Another proposal is to set up a fully-fledged Belarusian trade house in Kursk, allowing our goods to be displayed to best effect. Undoubtedly, these and a number of other initiatives are interesting to Belarus; the President has promised to support all similarly sensible endeavours.
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