Exotic shots of beauty hunters

Museum of Minsk History shows creativity of Lithuanian photographers Jurga and Ricardas Anusauskai

By Alla Kazakova

Alongside exotic shots, the guests brought unusual souvenirs: musical instruments from Africa, Mexican arrows and various amulets. The two masters have organised over 20 exhibitions in Lithuania, Latvia, France and elsewhere, with their works showcased many times in Vitebsk, at the International Slavonic Bazaar Arts Festival.

“We are beauty hunters,” notes Jurga. “My husband and I have managed to visit various continents. Each is unique in its own way but they are united by a single problem: ecology. People have even begun to privatise jungles, constructing luxurious hotels and golf courses there, regardless of animals being turned from their natural habitats. We’re concerned about them, as we don’t want tigers, elephants and hyenas to disappear from the planet, only known to our descendants by their photos. My husband failed to shoot wolves in Lithuania but managed to capture them in Belarus.”

The Lithuanian couple also enjoyed a memorable trip to the Belarusian marshes; this unique corner of nature impressed them so greatly that they plan to return with a new project.

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