Exhibits telling about the war

German photos on show at Price of Occupation exhibition in Polotsk

German photos on show at Price of Occupation exhibition in Polotsk. The Price of Occupation exhibition opened on May 9th, at the Military Glory Museum of the Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

One of the photos, presented at exhibition

The exhibition is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the occupation by Hitler’s troops of Belarusian territory. The event features unique photos, made by the invaders in occupied Polotsk, documents given to Polotsk residents by the occupation authorities and newspapers, as well as examples of money from the fascist Reich which was used in the occupied territories.

“The exhibition showcases photo documents, printed materials and household items. The basis of the exhibition is materials from the museum’s collections, as well as what has been found during the research by our scientific employees and scientists of Polotsk State University,” explains Sergey Kopyl, who heads the Museum of Military Glory. Visitors are also able to familiarise themselves with materials reflecting the period of the German-fascist occupation of Polotsk, its consequences, and the first steps of the Soviet powers aiming to restore Polotsk.

Belarus’ occupation by German-fascist troops lasted a long three years while the fascists established the so called ‘new order’ in the conquered lands — the regime of unrelenting violence, exploitation of the population, genocide, liquidation of the Soviet formation and its spiritual treasures, as well as looting of property and natural resources.

By Alena Tikhonova
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