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Audio guides appear at National Art Museum of Belarus

By Anastasia Shoplya

Audio guides appear at National Art Museum of Belarus

Now every tourist can listen to information about the masterpieces displayed at the museum.

The information on the most interesting exhibits is available in three languages: Belarusian, Russian and English. The phonogram includes two- and three-minute long stories on 90 items of the museum collection. In future, the list of audio-texts will be further expanded, taking into account the opinion of the visitors.

The mobile guide was tested this spring during the Ten Centuries of Art in Belarus project. Visitors with mobile Internet and barcode reading software were able to get information on the exhibits with the help of QR-codes.

Founded in 1939, the National Art Museum is the country’s biggest storage of national and foreign works, as well as a scientific and methodical centre. The unique collection of works of the old Belarusian, Russian, Western European, Eastern and modern national art is the pride of Belarus which catches attention overseas. The museum collection contains more than 24,000 objects.
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