Excursion guides ready to welcome visitors at Father Frost’s Residence

On the eve of the New Year, the excursion programme to Father Frost’s Residence, in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, is updated

By Olga Kobyakova

From December, excursions guides will be accompanying tourists visiting the estate. As is traditional, guests will continue to be welcomed by the Guardian, asking permission to enter the home of the sovereign of winter snowstorms. Visitors can chat with Father Frost and his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, before touring his village, accompanied by guides as they explore the fairy-tale characters inhabiting every corner. You can view the Magic Beehives, discovering why honey is so tasty, and make a wish at the Magic Windmill.

Although open all year round, winter is the busiest time at Father Frost’s residence. He is helped by various living dolls: a kind Bear, a Hare and a Squirrel. They help him greet tourists and escort them around the estate.

Belarusian Father Frost’s Belovezhskaya Pushcha 15 hectare residence welcomed its first visitors in December 2003. Located deep in the forest, occupying a meadow, the aurochs go there to feed in winter. Father Frost has a log cabin while the Snow Maiden has her own home; there’s a skarbnitsa (storehouse) and a wealth of features to explore. The major attraction of the site is a 120 year old fir tree which is the tallest in Europe.

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