Evidence of the epoch

Most convincing war films are made in Belarus
Belarusian motion pictures “The Deep Stream”, “The Wild Beasts of the World” and three documentary films participated in Yuri Ozerov 3rd International festival of war films held in Moscow. As a result, Belarusian films were awarded two prizes, though the latter are not abundant at this festival.

The feature films presented at the festival included famous historical epic “Alexander” by Oliver Stone, shocking Austria-Germany-Italy project “The Bunker”, and a large number of Russian pictures created in two recent years. The documentary program was even more international as quite interesting pictures came from Ukraine and England.

Nevertheless one of the two prizes for documentary films went to Belarusian director Anatoly Alai who shot “The Red Devil” motion picture devoted to Ivan Fedorov, whose name was recently virtually blot out from military history. Liudmila Dubrovskaya, follower of Mikhail Ptashuk, also became prize-winner with “The Wild Beasts of the World”.
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