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Everything should be clear and categorical regarding taxation

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko demands that taxation procedures are made as convenient as possible for businesses, while meeting legal interests of the state
The President has met with Sergey Nalivaiko, the Minister for Taxes and Duties, to discuss how best to improve the system of taxation and administration. Mr. Lukashenko recognised that the tax authorities are making efforts to modernise the system.

Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, the Minister reported that he had informed the President of progress in developing systems of electronic control and e-invoices for VAT payers, as launched from July 1st. He explained, “Our major goal is to secure contactless interaction with tax services and minimise the number of audits for bona fide economic entities. We may even decide not to conduct any audits unless analytical systems point to risk.” 

According to the Minister, Belarus has made great progress in streamlining its taxation system for businesses within the past five years. Belarus’ international rankings, including those of the World Bank, testify to this. Among recent changes, the Minister named a simplified taxation system and a single tax, that facilitates the calculation and payment of necessary sums.

Mr. Nalivaiko has emphasised the importance of stable taxation. “This area was outlined by the Head of State at the start of the previous year. The decision was taken to keep tax rates unchanged, and the number of taxes, this calendar year. I believe that, with the economic situation gradually stabilising, changes in taxation will be frozen for a longer period,” he said.

By Vladimir Velikhov
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